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My work in progress

Whenever I have the time to show the progression and thought process of my personal projects next to my social media you will find more in-depth information here,
Everything shown on this page is not a final product!

April 2020

Piggy prop project


Piggy duplicator

While finishing the renders on my house project, I had a quick 4 day challenge for an unnamed project. I created a prop with an animation. The animation cycle is quick and easily variable in length - with the progress animation in the screen. 

March 2020

Architectural Visualization - exterior


Modern house project

From the 2D layout to the finished render. In combination with the bathroom interior I've created an exterior of a modern house. I added a little animation to it:

February 2020

Modern souterrain bathroom - Interior room


Bathroom interior

Since many people are looking for architectural visualizations and interiors, I decided to take a couple of days to reconstruct a bathroom from some old images I had and other references. See the full video here:

January 2020

Gerkis Shop project


Collaboration with Clotilde Ries

For some time now I had the idea to take some of the 2D art of 'The Dark Eye' and turn it into a small 3D project.
With my partner Clotilde Ries, we worked for 2-3 weeks to have these lovely shots. Basically our interpretation of the things one can find on an adventure through Aventuria.

December 2019

Moving and christmas


holiday project

After finishing up my studies and moving back to my hometown, I am focusing on applying for jobs. And also a little christmas project: A simple glas ornament with a snowman inside.
Wishing everyone a very merry christmas!

October 2019

Succubus Halloween project


With character

As it fits for Halloween I wanted to do a little succubus character. Clotilde Ries (from has drawn a 2D concept art which I decided to use for my character.


Mostly sculpting the details

Since it's not as big of a project as the environment I did before, I was able to focus on the details on the high poly and some texturing work. 

September 2019

Demo Reel, Rendering and more


Finishing my Bay City project

Currently I'm rendering one of my big projects which is my Bay City - a mystical medieval city by the sea. I've prepared my compositing tree already, so once the render is done I'll not spend too much time tweaking and refining.

In my first demo reel project I wanted to build a small city by the sea and combine differents areas of the 3D pipeline - as a real production in a team would. Going in I knew that there would be some challenges but I was very much looking forward to it.
So I implemented the following:

At first I implemented the BiFrost water system for my ocean but the result was shifting the overall focus away from the city, so I decided to go with a calmer animated shader for the sea water.

Especially in my wide shot, I wanted to integrate two levels of clouds: background and midground clouds. The background clouds were easy but I wanted a realistic look for the midground clouds. So I used the Maya fluid system to build slightly moving clouds.

Knowing that the camera would cover a large area I wanted to fill up that space with assets NOT built by myself. The reasoning behind this decision is pretty easy: in a real scenario I will work in a team, therefore, not every asset is built by me. So most of the vegetation I built in Speedtree also I imported some scanned assets from the Quixel library and successfully integrated them in the scene.

Next to the water and clouds, I wanted to use some dynamics so I added some flags on top of the city walls. I simulated the flags with the Maya nCloth system and imported the cached versions into my scene.

Since I haven't done any crowd simulation yet, I still planned to add some animation to the scene but it shouldn't be too distracting. So in roughly one week I modeled, textured, rigged and animated a spider. It's just a small addition to the foreground of my wide shot but it definitely puts a smile on my face everytime I see it.

I clearly do not want the perfect result straight out of Maya because I'll have that with many of my modeling projects. So I used different render layers to be able to add things like glint, depth of field, LUTs and god rays in Nuke.
I'm really trying to build a pipeline which still offers a lot of control to compositing.

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