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My portfolio

Most of my project are school projects I finished over the last 2 years. I'll be adding more projects as I get to it.


Here's some of my animation work so far. It is a collection of different fields of animation to show some variety. 


Next to the characters and scenery in my demo reel, I have some examples of my early hard surface modeling work. 



It's all about light! During my studies I've had a lot of small 5 day project to light a little scene. Most of the scenes were given to me and none of them had shaders or  lights.



From the rotoscoping and tracking to 2.5D relighting and 3D scenes in Nuke over the course of a year I've had the opportunity to learn and explore Foundry's Nuke.
Here are some examples of my work in compositing so far just to show my basic understanding of the software. Even in the smallest project I tried to keep the comp clean and organized.

Architectural Visualization

Modern housing problems need modern solutions. As part of my education I learned how to realisticly showcase materials and keep to specific measurements. 

still working on the rest

I have not yet been able to upload the rest of my work here, so please be patient - there is more to come...

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